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The Book Thief
Grade 9 students track their experience with this incredible novel.
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Briefly (1-2 sentences) outline the events of each chapter.
2323by chenchen11chenchen11
08 Aug 2011 06:21Jump!
Create and post art: collages, drawings, pictures, etc. that represent the content of the novel.
1313by Chelsea SpeckChelsea Speck
09 Jan 2010 04:17Jump!
Posts dealing with the major characters in the book should be put in this department.
1616by chenchen11chenchen11
08 Aug 2011 06:28Jump!
Keep track of the class discussions and post summaries here.
22by BradenHBradenH
09 Jan 2010 01:51Jump!
We will be doing some research on events of the times that affect the characters. Information about those historical events should be posted in this department.
1313by Ben PodolakBen Podolak
07 Jan 2010 22:18Jump!
Keep track of questions that come up in class and attempt to answer them.
1819by gcarter666gcarter666
09 Jan 2010 04:59Jump!
Any discussions about symbols on the book should be put in this department.
2020by BradenHBradenH
08 Jan 2010 02:35Jump!
Any discussions about themes in the book should be put in this department.
1717by BradenHBradenH
09 Jan 2010 01:24Jump!
44by Sam GrantSam Grant
07 Jan 2010 01:38Jump!
This is a blog about Leisel's point of view from the book The Book Thief. Updated by Taylor.
33by Ben PodolakBen Podolak
08 Jan 2010 01:14Jump!
67by gcarter666gcarter666
09 Jan 2010 03:35Jump!
If you find any links to relevant Internet sites, post them in this department with some comment about their worth.
712by Chelsea SpeckChelsea Speck
09 Jan 2010 04:41Jump!

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